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brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516

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Braeu am Berg is an Austrian beer, brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, guaranteeing the beer lover the highest drinking pleasure. The family run private brewery in Frankenmarkt, Upper Austria, places great value on quality and customer service under the motto “small but excellent”.

The raw materials come from farmers in the region and are processed by hand, using the high quality mineral water from Frankenmarkt, to produce the multi-award-winning beer. Ecological sustainability and diligence are a matter of course.

Bräu am Berg Sortiment
Braeu am Berg Maerzen

Braeu am Berg Maerzen

A real insider tip for the beer connoisseur! The Braeu am Berg Maerzen beer is a light, strong and complete beer with a savoury touch and has been the winner at numerous blind tastings. In 2016 the Braeu am Berg Maerzen was awarded the CULINARIX in gold by selected beer sommeliers at the specialised “Bierland Upper Austria” show!

Braeu am Berg Pils

Braeu am Berg Pils

The fresh and unique taste of the Braeu am Berg pils is due to the prime quality and the perfect combination of its natural raw materials. The pils now presents in a new, younger design with a trendy label and the non-returnable bottle has a handy screw cap. With its elegant, fine bitter taste of hops and its slim note it nicely rounds off the selection.

Braeu am Berg Radler

Braeu am Berg Radler

The Braeu am Berg Radler (shandy) is an insider tip for the sporty beer connoisseur. The mixture of the fruity lemon taste and the hearty Braeu am Berg Maerzen is ideal for refreshing weary limbs and thirsty throats. The low alcohol content of only 2.5 vol.% allows for carefree drinking pleasure, and the practical 0.5 litre can fits into every backpack!

Braeu am Berg Hefeweisse

Braeu am Berg Hefeweisse

The careful processing of the natural raw materials and attention to the noble taste of our Hefenweisse gives Braeu am Berg's wheat beer the highest quality. As an insider tip this mild beer is well known outside the region and has found many fans also among the female population.

Braeu am Berg Festbock

Braeu am Berg Festbock

In accordance with an old tradition the Braeu am Berg Festbock is only brewed once a year at Christmas. This strong special beer with 6.9% alcohol by volume is a golden fresh and light hoppy “Bockbier”. This festbock is traditionally tapped at the end of October in a festive setting at our brewery restaurant in Frankenmarkt.


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Tradition since 1626

Braeu am Berg is a traditional Austrian beer, its history goes back to the 17th Century. The brewery site at Frankenmarkt was first mentioned in 1626 and over the years there have been many changes – unchanged however is the high quality of our traditional Austrian beer.

Beer is more than just water, hops, malt and yeast. In the beer making process various ingredients are mixed, processed and sometimes the structure of the raw materials is altered. The brewing process is made up of ten production steps from the fresh barley to the finished beer.

Export & Private Labeling

Top quality beer made in Austria tastes good everywhere! Our aim is to make our beer available for international distribution. If you are interested in distributing our beer in the export market, then please contact us.

Enjoy Austrian beer of the best quality – with a personal touch! In the private Starzinger brewery in Aspach, Upper Austria, with its IFS certification since 2012 we offer private labelling on request, whereby the beer is filled into specially designed cans.