Our history

Tradition for 400 years

The history of our traditional brewery

Braeu am Berg is a traditional Austrian beer, its history goes back to the 17th Century. The brewery site at Frankenmarkt was first mentioned in 1626 and over the years there have been many changes – unchanged however is the high quality of our traditional Austrian beer.

Traditional beer brewing since 1626

The market town of Frankenmarkt in Upper Austria has a long beer brewing tradition. The first documentation of a brewery in this region dates from the time of the 30 Year War (1618-1648). According to ancient historical references Oswald Froehlich’s local inn already included a brewery in 1626.

A hundred years later, in the 18th Century, there were already three brewers in Frankenmarkt, and it seems that Simon Seinfellner was the master brewer at Braeu am Berg. He was followed in 1773 by Franz Foettinger. The Braeu am Berg brewery was destroyed by fire in 1903, and was taken over by the Offenhuber family, who rebuilt it.

In 1950 the brewery was taken over by the Wild family and at this time was producing 6,000 hectolitre yearly. After the death of Franz Wild jun. it seemed as if the days of the brewery were numbered.

August Starzinger II rescued the brewery

August Starzinger II took over the Braeu am Berg brewery in 1985 and rescued it from ruin. In a period of just four years he managed to double the brewery’s output to 12,000 hectolitre p.a. In 1987 the brewery was completely renovated and state of the art machinery was installed.

In 2015, having completed his BA studies in brewing and beverage technology, Victor Starzinger, grandson of August and son of Ludmilla, took over the brewery. Master brewer Heinrich Hirsch is in the third generation responsible for the brewing process. His father (from 1962) and his grandfather (from 1927) were his predecessors and he continues to ensure the high quality of this traditional Austrian beer.

Development of the brewery since 1985


Acquisition of the brewery by August Starzinger II


Construction of the fermentation cellar und purchase of the brewery inn


Renovation of the brewery and construction of the storage cellar 2


Purchase of the brewery villa


Conversion of the Bräu Stöckl from office to dwelling


Renovation and modernisation of storage cellar 1


IFS-certification and Victor Starzinger takes over