Mountain Gold

Harmonious special beer with a glossy amber color

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Braeu am Berg Mountain Gold

Our „gold treasure“ impresses with its pronounced, glossy amber color and its stable and fine-pored foam. A full-bodied beer with an original wort of 12,5 ° Plato.

Résumé: A beer for connoisseurs, strong and full which makes you want more after the first sip. An ideal accompaniment to traditional hearty meals, like Stews and roasted meat. But also perfect as a digestif or to enjoy with cheese or spread.

This specialty beer stands out for its perfect blend of hops and malt notes and its robust body
The initial taste is pleasantly light and full bodied surrounded by a heavenly light spicy smell of grain
The aftertaste is slightly hoppy with a subtle sweetness and at the same time harmonious round and with a delicate bitterness in the finish

Original wort: 12,5°
Alcohol content: 5,5 vol. %
Filling: 0.33 litre glass, 0.5 litre can
Trading untis: 20 x 0,33  litre glass crate, 24 x 0,5 litre can tray, 6 x 0,5 litre can pack